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  • I opened up a BoyleSport account for the offer Matt advertised the other day. Done the welcome offer, lost the tenner so I got a free £5 bet, used that and unfortunately it won pocketing me £25. I then done the £40 in play bet and lost to the exchange and also lost the free in play bet to the exchange as well, happy days I thought! So only four bets with them and now I get an email to say my account is restricted. I haven’t got any other accounts for bookies they are linked with such as seaniemac etc. And I haven’t had any change to mug bet with them as only had the account a few days. Any idea where I went wrong here to draw attention to myself?

  • roro1990 0

    I don’t understand boylesports. They ban me from any promotions and then have the cheek to send me an e-mail about an in-play promotion this weekend. It’s like they want to rub salt in my open wounds…bastards!!

    Shaun46 1

    I am now the proud owner of a Boyle sports acount 🙂 Well my wife is anyhow lol

    Dockie 1

    Good luck! My “wifes” account lasted 1 bet (which lost). Don’t know how Boyles can survive? They must have banned virtually everyone who’s ever signed up with them?

    MarkCorrigan 2

    Well, if you’re so good at choosing losers, why not just lay them on the exchange? 😉

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