Corals Bet 20/Get 20 offer – Gubbed last week and Free Bets cancelled

  • I just found out I got gubbed by Corals last week although they never sent me an email to advise me that I had been gubbed

    I had done 3 of the “bet20/get20 for cheltenham” offers on the C4 saturday racing.

    I went on live chat initially to query where my free bets were for the qualifying bets I had placed – I was told I was not getting any free bets as I had been restricted on 9 March

    They told me I was no longer entitled to the 3 x £20 free bets as I had been restricted from all offers after 9 March. I argued that the qualifying bets had been placed before 9 March and that I was entitled to them. The adviser wouldn’t budge so I asked them to refer to a manager. The manager came back with the same response – no free bets.

    I knew from previous experience that they cannot refuse to credit you for free bets which were earned before your gubbing date so I stuck to my guns, basically accused them of fraud, misrepresentation, contempt for their customers, pisspoor customer service etc,

    After 30 minutes of arguing eventually I spoke to a guy who apologised for their error, saying the call helper and the manager were both incorrect and got my £60 free bet credited to my account.

    The moral here is “stick to your guns” – don’t take no for an answer from these clowns.

    We appear to know more about the rules of punting than most of the people working for the bookies.

    Call handler said there was a mass gubbing by Corals last week – I suspect a lot of people probably didn’t get an email and will only find out tomorrow they were gubbed when their free bets don’t appear in their account

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    t130 1

    Currently on the phone, received yesterday’s £20 but not today’s as of yet.

    t130 1

    Got fucked off:

    Firstly got told I wasn’t at a high enough level to qualify, I stated that there wasn’t anything in their T&C regarding level.

    Also I checked with there online chat whether I was eligible, they confirmed this before I started.

    Passed up the chain of command to be told that I won’t be getting my free bets as I only placed 2 of the 4 required bets, to which I corrected him as I was on hands free I could provide him all the details off the bets.

    Steve, customer service managed came back with tough your not getting any free bets as we reserve the right to remove offers at any time!

    Long story short there a bunch of thieves! I wouldn’t mind but I specifically asked before the promo started if I was eligible. Complaint to Ibas I think.

    Hawk21 0

    Same here. Qualified For the Mullins offer and got the £20 goodwill bet but I got nothing regarding the other 4. Absolute joke!

    Snoop 0

    Have another check, my Mullins bets came in late this afternoon and the day 2 and day 3 bets look to have just arrived both valid for tomorrow

    DazRolls 0

    I to got gubbed from this offer (and all future promotions) after the 1st week, but they failed to tell me. I got a £20 goodwill for the first week but not the rest of the £60 in free bets.Tried live chat/phone but no luck. Will be complaining via email but don’t hold out much hope.
    Coral have treated people disgracefully in my view over this and shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it! Rant over!!!

    Dbb 3

    anybody had their £20 free bet for tomorrow credited yet from the 20/20 offer?

    no sign yet of mine so thought i would check with others before i get on live chat and put a big red x on my back

    Nick j 0

    Same here as well. Got the first 2 £20 free bets and the 3 x £5 Mullins free bets but nothing here.

    Truly disgraceful if they are gubbing and especially if they are not emailing.

    I would go on live chat but I imagine there will be a very long queue.

    Coral are poor in my opinion. Their website is slow and often displays incorrect scores on the football.

    A few weeks I tried cashing out for £108. The app would not play ball, never let me cash out and hey presto, there is a late equaliser.

    I spoke to live chat who said that they would look into the matter and would respond within 28 days. 25 days later, I’m not expecting to hear anything.

    I thought Coral were one of the better bookies.

    username 0

    I asked where my free bet was today and they told me (same as most) that I only got the first day’s as goodwill but they’d not give me anymore. just found £40 of freebets in my account though!

    Starlord 1

    Yeah, I got told this morning on LC that I was gubbed on the 9th March (no email), I wouldnt be receiving any more free bets. I threatened the IBAS route etc. Just found 2x£20 and 3x£5 free bets in my account. Strange

    TinoAsprilla 0

    I did the same and got the same. I’m guessing enough people have threatened them with IBAS for them to just cave in and dish out the free bets although reading this and the other thread about delays in dishing out freebies when I got mine at 6 o’clock means that it’s more than likely not a single person at Coral has any idea what they’re doing.

    silverbirch 0

    I emailed their escalation department (email address on their website) and now I have 2 £20 bets, pertaining to the 2 I qualified for back at the start of March. I also received the £20 goodwill bet. So complain, complain, complain!!!

    Mozzer 1

    Just received my free £20 bets from Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 after insisting I speak to a manager

    maripjckmen 0

    so nice. 🙂

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