How to improve the Hot Offers thread idea?

  • This is a thread to discuss how we can improve the Hot Offers thread, which I originally proposed as a place to post up offers and arb opportunities so that people could be *notified* whenever a new offer was added to the thread.

    This was to make sure that we all get on as many decent offers as possible, and to ensure that we had a central place to share great offers in our lovely wee community here on Matt’s site.

    The original thread is here, in case you have no idea what I am talking about…

    It only works (well) if people refrain from asking questions, posting ‘thank you’ replies and stick to the golden rule of only posting offers 😉

    On the flipside, people should be able to ask questions, poke holes in theory and offer thanks when they want to… (just not on that thread! haha!)

    Other problems with the existing thread:
    – the initial (and ongoing) swathe of “I’m in” posts just to subscribe (partly my fault as I did mention this as one of the ‘sign up’ options in my OP)
    – it is getting really long making it slow to open and hard to navigate

    Now, firstly, whatever we come up with, people should SUBSCRIBE to the thread by clicking the Subscribe button, as opposed to replying to the thread.

    Personally, I like the idea that somebody suggested which was basically:
    1. Have a separate Hot Offers thread each month (I am happy to be responsible for creating these)
    2. If you want to share a deal, then you would create a SEPARATE, dedicated thread just about your deal (which could be home to any discussion, questions, thanks, etc…)
    3. You then post a link to your thread in the main Hot Offers thread, thus making sure that anyone subscribed to that thread will see the deal/offer

    What do you all think? Any better/different/other suggestions?

  • DashBet 0

    Isn’t the New Offers area meant for offer posts? I suggest that there be a daily thread within that section where the upcoming opportunities for the day are highlighted and the discussion below deals with how to tackle them, or notifies everyone of other offers that are posted later in the day.

    DashBet 0

    …There won’t be as much scrolling needed then either

    greig A 1

    Not sure if it’s possible for Matt to sort the posts in the opposite order so that the most recent posts are at the top? Save all the scrolling?
    Maybe also some auto delete option to delete posts olderthan a week?
    Just a thought!

    mike j 10

    I dont mind where the offers are posted tony, my only problem is that hot offers are time sensitive and when using a mobile phone, the thread that you created takes too long to load, then you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to post. Maybe if Matt finds the time he could delete all non relevant posts or incorporate pages so that there is only ‘x’ amount of posts per page and when clicking the thread it auto loads to the latest page.


    I like the current format. My phone emails me with notifications only problem is the length perhaps if we had a new one per week it shouldn’t be too bad.

    Drogs 0

    I think that although having most recent posts show up first would be nice, it isnt really the problem, because for me at least, I always read the offer in the e-mail. Being able to somehow post without scrolling to the bottom would be great.

    However, until then I agree that a new monthly thread would suffice, and personally wouldn’t want to have to subscribe every day to a daily thread.

    Tony 10

    Agree that having Matt’s view would be useful, as would some knowledge of what the forum software is capable of (i.e. having multiple pages per thread rather than one long page, newest posts to top, etc…)

    Also agree that deleting spurious posts would help, but that would need Matt to take the time to do it, or maybe appoint some Mods to help with that.

    Maybe when he has time @Matt could give some insight?

    beh 7

    Doesn’t make sense to have a hot new offers thread in the “matched betting” forum, and then a separate forum for “new offers”. Perhaps they could be rationalised?

    Depends how much action there is but you’d want the thread to be weekly at the minimum, maybe even split midweek and weekend, otherwise too much scrolling.

    bfc19 1

    I thought it was working well with the email notifications personally.

    mike j 10

    The notifications do work well bfc, the issue is when trying to post

    RyanB 11

    I do like it, but the problem is 90% of offers being posted are the William Hill ones…and now we all know that William Hill are offering enhanced odds all December so to be honest we already know about these…and lots that are being posted aren’t correct (no offence to people who have been mistaken)

    I liked the ones which are out of the blue such as that paddy power messenger one which i would never have gotten otherwise, but some offers that are being posted are just the horse racing on a Saturday…its a tough one, there will never be way to please everyone!

    STC 3

    I think it was a good idea originally but ultimately we are trying to put too much content in 1 thread.

    Think Ryan is spot on that the paddy power messenger one was superb, that made me a nice £20 and was a great start to my saturday (which I wouldnt have seen) but there is a lot of stuff which makes a small amount / not available / doesnt work. Such a mission to scroll down on my phone (which is what I use most when I get the email notifications) to see what the bet is..

    I question whether a new thread needs to be posted each day or we just post a new thread for each tip (if we check the forum regularly enough we won’t miss out on much). Then in each thread title we make it clear what the tip is/ bookies /when the event runs / how much profit guaranteed/potential can be made. The last point being the most important – people can quickly see what’s hot / important to act quickly etc.

    Tony 10

    Have to disagree to some extent, posting the enhanced odds from places like William Hills and Paddy is fine in my book, as Matt never blogs this kind of thing.

    I agree that there is absolutely no point in posting the regular weekly deals that most sites offer – this is the stuff that normally makes the main blog, so no need to post them here too. But then what harm is being done even if they are posted (provided done correctly).

    Have to admit that for me, the thread was more for the hidden gems, like the Paddy messenger one and the Laddys deal I posted yesterday.

    RyanB 11

    I just dislike the ones that are from William Hill which are literally £1 profit or even less…and also I don’t tend to bet on their enhancements if its like American football etc…cause to me that just looks fishy as I would never bet on that sort of stuff, but guess thats just me! I

    elis 0

    Is there a way that a user could subscribe to the “New Offers” section, and that section would have strict rules on new threads?

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