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  • Hello guys

    I’ve been following this matched betting for a few weeks so seeing as it’s payday I’m going to start, I’ve got a good grasp, but has anybody got some good advice for me?


  • New to matched betting?

    My Matched Betting Academy is the best place to get started. Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Shaun46 1

    Start small and work your way up to make a nice float. Be careful as mistakes afre easy to do if you don’t concentrate. Check & Double check until you are confidant in what you are doing and lastly welcome aboard benjimaxwell

    Tony 12

    Hi, welcome:)

    Read all of the guides here on Matt’s site to start with, then fire away with any questions you have 🙂

    Keep (good!) records – it’s just good practice, but it also allows you to look back and see which bookie accounts you might be neglecting and which you are hammering (if you believe in the whole mug punting philosophy)

    If you can, start with a decent bankroll, otherwise you will be waiting for money to move from bookie > bank all the time. Using PayPal is helpful here, and most bookies now offer paypal.

    Most importantly, make sure that you READ THE T&Cs of any offer you are going to do. Things like minimum odds for qualifying bets, any WR on winnings and excluded deposit methods (often Neteller and Skrill).

    Good luck (not that you need it Match Betting!) 😀

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    Thanks guys.

    Just going to spend a couple of weeks following the blog, awaiting a new blog so I can get started yeah agreed I’ll start off small as I get used and once I’ve worked to a decent amount I can then start putting on larger amounts,

    Thanks Tony on the advice of keeping record I’ll set up a spreadsheet once I get home

    beh 7

    It’s all in the detail.

    Be sure you’ve read and understood the T&Cs to avoid having a nightmare, see this thread for a good example – . Don’t be drawn in by big offers, start small/easy and gain some experience.

    Double check everything, small mistakes can make big losses. In play betting is worse for this as there’s increased pressure to be fast. I’ve done things like lay a bet in the FT market when I backed it in HT, could easily have lost £200+ if I’d not spotted it.

    Start with Betfair, Paddy, Ladbrokes, WillHill, Skybet, Coral. All pretty straight forward T&Cs and reputable companies, a few of which also have some pretty good ongoing offers.

    benjimaxwell 0

    cheers for the advice.

    if you don’t mind me asking how did you lot personally do todays William hill for the chelsea game, i wanted to try it for the first time but i was at the Blackburn game and signal is quite dodgy didnt want to risk if 1st time.

    chris.t 0

    Don’t rush, double check and only do in-play stuff at half time – the odds fluctuate during game time. I learnt my lesson the hard way!

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