Salford V Hartlepool William Hill

  • Salford double chance 3.0 lay 1.88 Max £10

  • Daniel B 0

    Nice one! East 6 quid to be made on this one guys. Get on quick!

    SM50D 0

    How’d you work this one out? Are you backing twice?

    Tony 8

    The “Double Chance” market is offered by most bookies (and exchanges) and is basically exactly what it says it is – you are betting on TWO of the THREE outcomes of a football match happening, so either:

    Home win OR a Draw,
    Draw OR an Away win,
    Home win OR Away win

    In this offer you are being offered a price boost on the “Salford (Home) win OR Draw” runner. You can then simply lay the same runner at the exchange, in this case for a guaranteed £6 profit.

    SM50D 0

    I ended up backing Salford to win or draw and then backing hartlepool at the exchange. £10 on both, guaranteed £10 profit. As it was a draw, £20 up!

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