Salford V Hartlepool William Hill

  • Salford double chance 3.0 lay 1.88 Max £10

  • Daniel B 0

    Nice one! East 6 quid to be made on this one guys. Get on quick!

    SM50D 0

    How’d you work this one out? Are you backing twice?

    Tony 10

    The “Double Chance” market is offered by most bookies (and exchanges) and is basically exactly what it says it is – you are betting on TWO of the THREE outcomes of a football match happening, so either:

    Home win OR a Draw,
    Draw OR an Away win,
    Home win OR Away win

    In this offer you are being offered a price boost on the “Salford (Home) win OR Draw” runner. You can then simply lay the same runner at the exchange, in this case for a guaranteed £6 profit.

    SM50D 0

    I ended up backing Salford to win or draw and then backing hartlepool at the exchange. £10 on both, guaranteed £10 profit. As it was a draw, £20 up!

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