William Hill Golden Goal Offer

  • The Offer:

    Back a team to win in 90 Minutes in selected matches, and if they score the first goal, William Hill will pay your bet out as a winner, up to £50.00 winnings in cash, if they draw or lose the match.


    It’s a great offer this one and there are a few options in terms of how we can play it.

    Option 1:

    We can place a straightforward back and lay bet and hope our selected team scores first but doesn’t go on to win the match.

    Option 2:

    We can place a straightforward back and lay bet and if our selected team scores first, we can then place an extra back bet on our selected team to lock in a profit, regardless of the outcome.

    Option 3:

    Instead of laying our selection in the ‘Match Odds/Winner‘ market, we can lay them in the ‘Next Goal‘ market at Betfair. This method gives us a guaranteed profit on any outcome but less chance of hitting the big profit. To hit the big profit, we would need our team to concede the first goal and win, rather than our team scoring first and drawing or losing, as is the case with Option 1.

    The methods for Options 1 and 2 are explained in the following post and the method for Option 3 has been discussed in the comments section of the same post…


    Please feel free to post any thoughts or questions below…

  • Sek 0


    Can you confirm if this is right please.

    If you did it the other way backing Barcelona. Would you stake £50 at 2.0 and then lay 48.08 at 2.1. Then if Barca score first and don’t win you would get £100 at williamhill and 48.08 on the exchange giving a profit of ~£98? or do you only get £50 back at williamhill?

    I find the way the stake is returned at williamhill a bit confusing, so not sure.

    LivelyArts 7

    I’m pretty sure ( but Matt will confirm) if Barca scored first then drew or lost you would get your winnings plus your stake back at William Hill so £50 + £50 = £100.

    You would also ‘win’ at the exchange so would get your £48.08 back (less commission depending on exchange).

    So in total you would get £148 back less exchange commission for your initial £50 therefore a profit of £98ish.

    If Barca score first and go on to win or Man Utd score first you would lose £1.92 (plus exchange commission if Barca go on to win after going down)….

    I found reading their terms confusing too but Matts explanation in the offers tab above makes sense and a lot clearer…just gutted I picked Watford yesterday not Wolves!!!


    Yes that all looks good to me guys.

    A potential profit of £97.11 if Barcelona score first and fail to win or a maximum qualifying loss of £2.89 on any other outcome.

    rick7388 0

    Im looking at Man UTD v Man City (24/04/2019 20:00 Kick off)

    Im trying to approach this offer with 2 william hill accounts but im stumped.
    With one account back Man City £115 @ 1.44 (returns 166.11)
    With another back Man UTD £20 @ 7.0 (returns £140)
    On the exchange back 0-0 £10 @ 21 (returns £210)

    ^Stakes calculated by 50/(back stake -1) on the offer page.

    Would william hill only pay out £100 of the man city stake if they scored first but didnt win?
    Is there a better way of doing this? I feel like im missing something?

    Thanks for reading, any responses fully appreciated

    Mr Crispy
    Mr Crispy 15


    You’d get £113.63 of your stake back if Man City scored first but didn’t win (because you only get the stake back that relates to the winnings and, £113.63 x 1.44 is £50).

    Your problem will be if Man Utd score first and win or draw, then you will have won £120 on Man U (but lost £115 on City and lost £10 on the draw, so you’d be down £5).

    You can just back United on Smarkets/Betfair exchange for £3 or £4 to sort that.

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