888sport instantly denied bonuses

  • Any idea why this would happen? I signed up for 888sport, never had an account or anything with them before, and without even doing anything (hadn’t even navigated away from the signup complete page let alone deposit or bet anything) I immediately received the following email:

    This is the Operations Team at 888sport and we are contacting you with regards to your account with username “xxx”.

    Please be advised that due to an internal decision you are not eligible to receive any bonuses on this account. You are welcome to continue using your account to enjoy other aspects of our gaming experience.

    Wondering if it perhaps is tracking the signup link from this site and immediately blocking accounts?

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    Hunter31 1

    I had the same thing happen to me about a month ago. I was able to deposit and back and lay my qualifying bet but then I had the same message that you had. Also since then I had an email informing me that I had been banned and my account deleted.


    Just to ease your concerns on the links. All bookmaker links on MBB are cloaked to prevent bookmakers from identifying the source of traffic.

    That said, you’re still welcome to visit the bookmakers direct. I simply include the links to save you guys time looking for the offers.

    I hope that helps.

    rogerdoger 6

    Anyone have any idea with how to avoid this?

    I am a multi accounter and do 1 new person a week, have been doing this for 4 years and just reset my IP address, clear cache and cookies etc and start again each week.

    Around 2 months ago companies like 888, bet365, the pools have started denying me welcome offers instantly.

    I am sure there is a way around this, i have tried various different solutions but haven’t cracked it yet.

    Ezmoney 1

    let me know if you find any way around it. I’m doing the same thing, and cant seem to figure it out.

    MB Anonymous 1

    This happened to me with 888. Then it also happened with Spreadex and then The Pools. Couldn’t do any sign up offers. Nice little chunk of profit unavailable!

    Steve1912 1

    I received the same message, although my ID had also failed to verify due to a typo in my details, which confused the issue. I contacted them and corrected the mistake, but when I enquired if this now meant I was eligible for the bonus, they said not. I was already wary of depositing though because of a casino no deposit bonus donkey’s years ago, so I assumed this was the reason.

    Dmoz 0

    If you’ve never had an account and denied bonuses chances are your details have been used to open one already. Happens a lot. However if a multi account match better the way around it is to ensure location is also off when clearing cashe etc.

    MB Anonymous 1

    @rogerdoger how do you get to use a new person every week??

    ChocChipChoc 15

    I don’t think it’s anything to do with the links from here. The impression I get from the reviews on Trustpilot is that the same thing happens to anyone that registers now, even if the offer is accessed only via the bookie’s advert on their own website.

    Effectively, offers like the current 888 Sport sign-up promotion are just fake (even if they used to work years ago). They exist to tie-in new customers using false advertising in the hopes that those customers may have problems with gambling addiction, and will thus end up using their accounts without any extra incentives.

    J. P. B. 0

    I am relatively new to matched betting 888 was my ninth sign up about 2 weeks ago I had no problem getting and using my new customer free bets

    Neil S 76

    Enjoy them while you can!

    Guvnor 0

    @rogerdoger did you have any luck finding a way round

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