888Sport Xmas Wheel

  • I just received this promo by email and it is open for players who placed bets in the last 21 days. Basically you need to log on 888Sport on your mobile device and you get the Xmas wheel spin for the day which gives you the chance of hitting different prices such as free bets.

    Promo will run between 15th and 24th December.

  • Kir 0

    Someone already mentioned this before. Sorry for double posting!

    JDUBU 1

    is this only on the app?

    Kir 0

    You need to log in on the mobile site to get the Wheel showing up; don’t think it shows on the desktop site.

    Shaun46 1

    JUst won Bet 10 get 5 on the wheel so free bet of 5 for tomorrow.

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