Any one here found any good Casino Sites?

  • Hi there guys, I was wondering if you did casinos. The best casino offer service I’ve found so far is casino beaters as its cheaper than the others and seems to have everything, that said, I was wondering if any of you people have had any expierence with casino etc etc

  • pnicolas8 9

    Until recently most casinos were the same.

    However, in recent times in the UK, bookmakers sites are allowed to vary the RTP from the provider so you could find a lower RTP on different sites, previously it was the provider who set the rules.

    The general rule is find a casino which does not charge for deposits or withdrawals (you’ll be surprised how many there are). Stick with the big ones like MrQ (non bookmakers) as they give bonuses with reasonable wagering, sometimes no wagering often 1 x

    Avoid bonuses with wagering over 12x

    Check the RTP of the slots at the various bookmakers/casino. Of the bookmakers Betfred seems to have the highest RTP machines.

    Ladbrokes often give you free spins if you wager £10 on any random machine etc.,

    FrankCicero 1

    I don’t know much about casinos, but I really enjoy spending my leisure time there. I understand that it is to some extent a waste of money, but the main thing is that I get pleasure

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