• Just signed up to oddsmonkey premium and seeing tons of arbing opportunities. Is it something you guys do much of? I’ve seen posts saying you’ll get your account restricted, but surely sticking to the nags and popular football markets you’d fly below the radar on £50-100 stakes?

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    Synergiser 0

    My thinking has always been that if you have access to knowing all those easy arbs, so will they.
    Whether they actually try and act on that I don’t know but it would be trivial for them to keep track of who’s consistently been doing the top arbs on those oddsmatchers.

    But as you say, if you stick to popular football markets you’re probably safer than doing all sorts of obscure markets

    Dockie 4

    I’ve done a fair bit of this, though I do less now due to having numerous accounts restricted. And that was with £5-£10 bets on the horses! I steered clear of the obscure arbs you sometimes see on Oddsmonkey such as correct score markets in the Azerbaijan Premier League, with 115% on offer. But still restricted on a few accounts including Betfair Sportsbook, Coral, BetVictor, 888, Marathon, Stan James……I think if you’re doing £50-£100 on the horses your accounts won’t be in existence for too long. That’s just my experience, though i’m sure others may have better news!

    78naD 2

    Bookies give accounts ratings and the more you’re betting on sharp lines or obscure markets with value you’re setting off alarm bells.

    Google their rating systems and you’ll learn more, the daily mail even done a piece a few weeks ago explaining it from the traders’ views at the firms.

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    The problem is that in taking an arb-able price, you are jumping on value odds that are typically overpriced and only instantly recognisable to the shrewd punter. Anyone nibbling up value regardless of stakes will quickly be restricted.

    kjillman 1

    Arbing = restricted accounts, the occasional one if you see do it if it’s on a UK market ie prem football.

    not worth the risk

    Starlord 1

    Great to hear all your opinions, thanks. I’m currently trying to clear a big WR ended up with a couple of 7/6.6 or 4/3.8 etc on horses. Nothing too crazy but small profit nonetheless.

    Would love to see how my accounts are viewed by the bookmakers!

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    I started arbing Last week using odds trawler. I generally do back/lay arbs using £10-50 each bet. I usually make roughly £20/day with very little effort. However, I placed two bets on the same horse race as an Arb on StanJames, which then came in at 17.00, which then won, leading to them catching on and closing my account.

    I would recommend only arbing on sites you don’t care about/ aren’t worth having, because you will almost definitely get banned in the end. I am trying to make £2000 before all my useless accounts get banned. Hope this helps!

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