Best way to do the 188bet sign up offer?

  • Hi all, what is the best way of tackling the 188 bet sign up offer?

    It is a free 25 bet if your first bet loses.

    Do I just look for the smallest qualifying loss possible and hope the selection loses or can I guarantee a profit?

  • deathstar 12

    you can either mug bet it and enjoy your win, but the problem with that is you don’t actually get your MONEY back if you lose, its a free bet so you can only get about 80% back. Its also not matched betting, so look here for a guide on the strategy for guaranteeing profits.


    martinaardvark 0

    Any help here appreciated. I’ve got a £25 free bet in my bet188 account. However it’s just lumped as cash and when I try to place a free bet with bet188 there’s no indication as to wether I’m using cash or this free bet…

    FoG_BLoG 35

    Martin. 188 free bets (or stake refunds) are credited as cash. You can’t withdraw it until you bet it. You will treat this as a qualifying bet to extract the profit.

    That is why when Matt blogs the 188 offers he assumes 95% value extraction.

    For example.

    “Stake refunds just need rolling over once at minimum odds of 1.90 or greater before we are able to withdraw. The above calculations are therefore based on the assumption that, by using straightforward matched betting, we should be able to extract 95% cash from our £25.00 stake refund.”

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