Can I do matched betting from address from which someone did it in the past?

  • Hi guys, I will keep the question very simple. Someone used to do matched betting from my address in the PAST (it was my ex-girlfriend who no longer lives here and in fact she no longer does matched betting). Will I be able to do matched betting from this same address with most bookmakers? Does anyone have experience with this? It has been 7 months since she stopped doing it. Sorry if it has already been answered somewhere but a quick search on google and here didn’t give me any results for this specific situation. Any advice will really be appreciated

  • arbs 5

    In principle, yes, but it’s possible that bookmakers will use credit reference agencies to assess whether there are any links between the two of you. If they find that you lived in the same house together, or are financially linked in any way, they might find enough reasons to limit your accounts more quickly than they otherwise might.

    Allan 3

    I would not even consider doing this. Bookmakers use advanced software and will easily spot such an action with unwelcome results to your accounts with them.
    Years ago this would not have been such a problem; accounts lasted much longer before being restricted but due to the increase in matched betting bookies are quicker to limit and in some cases close accounts completely without you risking further reasons for them do so.
    As a result of restrictions and account closures matched betting is in decline. People are concluding that after the first flush of success the returns are just not worth the effort and hassle. Even the once thriving Matched Betting forum on Money Saving Expert has been discontinued and similar sites tell the same sad story of decline and disuse.

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