CASINO OFFERS – 100% Matched Deposit Strategy (*Risk Level = Minute*)

  • So I have come across a great and effective way to make use of all the ‘100% Matched Deposits’ many online casinos are offering, in some cases rising to 300%. Before we start I’d like to encourage you to read the T&Cs to check for a suitable rollover requirement – also bear in mind that this requires strict discipline to the following strategy to work.

    By far the best way to extract a bonus using casino games is through BlackJack, since the house edge is a mere 1% and there is a sound guide to follow to ensure that you can stay as close to this percentage as possible. The idea is to use small stakes, generally £1, to increase your variance and thus negate the effects of streaks, bringing us closer to the theoretical ‘mean’.

    Most casinos will typically demand 30x rollover, so in the case of £100, we must stake go through 3000 £1 hands of BlackJack (approx 3 hours), resulting in the below for the given 1% edge:

    3000 x 0.01 = 30
    100-30 = £70 profit

    So you would basically expect to lose £30 of your bonus and make £70 over the 3-ish hours, not a bad hourly rate. You can find the strategy grid here:
    I’ve only done this at Betfair so far, taking £37 from £100 bonus with 45x rollover (tedious) but there are many others I plan to do soon. Casinos are also good for free spins as chico pointed out, and I have won £170 from bonuses at Spin Genie, BGO, PocketFruity and Betfair thus far.

  • New to matched betting?

    My Matched Betting Academy is the best place to get started. Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    mike j 11

    I’ve looked into this before but never gone through with it. A lot of online casinos always seem to state that playing black jack only contributes ‘x’%. I.e for every pound wagered on bj. Only 20p will count towards roll over requirements. How many casinos you done so far dash?

    I’ve also heard there is money to be made through the bingo bonuses

    James 0

    This was very profitable between 2005-2010 but don’t think it is anymore as the casinos got wise to it and changed the T&Cs. As MJ states, blackjack often only counts for a small % of each pound spent on the wager requirements, most often about 2-5%, which gives a negative expected value or such a low hourly rate that it’s not worth it.

    However, if you do manage to find offers without this term then it’s easy money. There even used to be software that would play the hands for you but I don’t know if this still exists (I believe the better ones closed as the offers were no longer profitable).

    Also if they have Blackjack Surrender then play that as I think it has the lowest house edge of all the Blackjack variants.

    beh 7

    Same as James, was doing this 10+ years ago perhaps when there were several casinos with genuine no risk monthly deposit bonuses. Was an easy couple £hundred a month for an evenings work.

    I’d recommend, great site for stats based strategies.

    Which casino have you just done Dash? Have you seen many with relatively soft T&Cs?

    Anto 1

    This does work as I do it often, but good luck trying 3,000 hands @ £1 more like 15,000 hands @ £1 (only 20% of stake is counted, 10% at some eg Sky and 0% at others! always check the T&C’s)

    I did a £50 bonus 20x wager at Coral and had to play 5,000 hands, walked away with £92 profit. Just takes patience and sticking to a good BJ strategy.

    What I tend to do is to Bet £1, if it lost Bet £1 again to get money back, if that lost upped to £2 because the RTP of these games says at some point you will take a clean sweep of 5 wins when the dealer busts out and you get all ya money and then some back. Just keep upping till you get a win and then reset to £1.

    jimgroove 0

    I would definitely not use the ‘martingale system’ Anto is referring to. Doubling your stake after every loss is a sure way to eventually bust out. It occurs more often than you’d think!

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