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  • Hi guys,

    Today I was looking at my Mastercard statement and found out that I was charged some small interest fees and my card balance is set to paid automatically from my main account. So I called up the bank and she checked for me and found out that if I use the card for online gambling it could be that I am charged interest fee straight away since gambling transactions are considered as cash advance (like withdrawing from an ATM using a credit card).

    So how do you guys go around this? Shall I use a debit card (much less secure IMO) or perhaps throw in extra cash in my credit card account so that I use my own money when depositing?

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    I use my card for mine as I’m seeing my matched betting as a way of helping with paying it off get charged a couple of percent on deposits. I know it goes against the grain but I usually try and put my winnings back on the card soon as possible to avoid interest. I generally leave 20-40 in will hills to cover 2 matches, 30 in 888 for a 20 pre match and 10 in play on a Saturday and around 100-150 in smarkets rest gets withdrawn. Keeps it away from my bank account too.

    Some bookies charge for pay pal others don’t. I don’t think will hill doesn’t.

    Pavlon 3

    I’ve had charges to my credit card for some bookies and not for others, but I tend to just go with my debit card.

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    Yes I think it depends on the bookie else my bill would have been much higher. I will stick to topping up my credit card with my own funds to avoid this in the future.

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    I have a card that I can’t gamble with but I can take cash out without a fee, so i took cash oput and put it in the bank and use my bank account tro bet with free of charge lol

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    def use debit card would hate to be lossing out on cash advance fee and interest charges……

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