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  • Hey guys

    Christmas may be the traditional time for giving but this blog has been giving for a lot longer now and I am therefore raising the call for us all to dig out a £10 donation to show our gratitude. Matt doesn’t believe in subscription fees for the blog, even if its a one off payment that we’d all make back within one or two offers so lets all chip in and give him an early Christmas present.

    Furthermore, I’ll donate an additional £10 if ten or more of you contribute and an additional £20 for every ten donations after that.

    Please reply to this thread if and when you donate £10, I hope the uptake on this will be high to reflect our gratitude and appreciate for the work Matt does.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Lightbet 0

    Thanks Chris for starting this thread as it was on my mind to make a donation – just want to figure out best way of getting euros to sterling without paying paypal more than the donation! Will be back.

    Guppyboy 0

    Chris, good idea. I’ve chipped in my £10. Thanks to Matt for hosting such a great site.

    Shaun46 1

    Happy Christmas Matt may your reign at this site be a long one £10 sent

    mike j 11

    Nearly at my first milestone, should have it boxed off in just over a week. After looking for offers myself, made me realise how much effort matt must put in. I will chuck £20 in in roughly a week, doesnt sound like much but if we all donate we might be able to get his profit up to a nice round £10k by the end of the year

    JDUBU 2

    I’m happy to donate again this week. Keep up the good work Matt!

    kezcunningham 0

    Just paid my first donation after around a month of following Matt’s system. Cheers Matt

    mike j 11

    Just gave my £20.

    Merry Xmas Matt.

    Hope next year is even more profitable!!!

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