Got a free bet I never qualified for (888Sport)

  • I just received an email from 888Sport saying I’ve been refunded in the form of a free bet as my horse was beaten into second by an outsider, and logging in to my account I see I have a free £20 bet. The thing is though, I’ve never done any horse racing betting on 888Sport.

    The question is, what do I do with it? Is using it likely to get me banned from future bonuses, or do I just see it as a nice bonus? I don’t really want to get gubbed as the Goals Mean More is proving to be a nice money maker.

    Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Only been matched betting for 3 months so not sure how common a mistake it is

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    Shaun46 1

    It’s their mistake and like the saying goes never look a gift horse in the mouth lol. Use the bet they an afford it.

    Guppyboy 0

    I’ve also got the same ‘free’ bet and never played the horses there. Might be a general error? In which case I’m reluctant to touch it in case winnings are forfeited.

    martymcfly 0

    I got this too but I think it’s just a mislabeled email. I was due a refund from their “88 minute” offer as I had backed the draw in the Everton Stoke game but the last minute winner qualified for a free bet.

    Have you had any bets like that in last few days? If so then it should be safe to use.

    RyanB 11

    I also got this…£25 free bet but like marty says I did bet on the Everton game as they are part of my goals means more so the free bet is probably for that! Quite good the goals means more promo as it can also qualify you for this 88minute one also!

    Daniel 0

    I think you’re right marty, I had a bet on the draw in the Everton match for my Goals Means More. Wasn’t even aware of the 88th minute offer!

    Still, £29 worth of free bets for a 29p qualifying loss, not bad for one game!

    Pickle 57

    I wish I’d taken the draw and not Everton now ?

    Guppyboy 0

    Thanks for clearing this up chaps. I also have Everton on my Goals Means More list, and betted on the Everton-Stoke draw too! This 888 Sport offer is really bringing home the bacon.

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