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    Does anyone have any experience using the Matchbook exchange? Only had a quick look but I see they only charge 1% commission. Not sure what the liquidity is like, or how reliable they are.

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    dekoder 1

    I use Matchbook (third most used after Smarkets and Betfair) and they’re reliable. A lot of liquidity on football and sometimes better odds than Smarkets/Betfair.

    One thing to remember is they charge 1% commission (or 1.25%? there’s been changes/promotions recently) on losing bets too. I use 2% lay commission for calculations, its not exact but close enough.

    Starlord 1

    Thanks for the response. Interesting how they work out the commission. I guess i’m just concerned about having several hundred sat in an account there incase they go belly up.


    Yeah, the 1% commission on winning and losing bets works out at around the same as the 2% charged by Smarkets, who in my opinion are a long way ahead. If you’re worried about your cash, I’d stick with Smarkets and/or Betfair.

    deathstar 25

    I started off using matchbook and they are ok, no horses though.
    Beware of withdrawal charges, I used them recently for the first time in ages and had to pay something like 2% to get my money out because I hadn’t rolled-over the winnings. Probably not a problem if you use them a lot.

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