Money back 2nd place opportunities! – Sunday 13th

  • Just seen that Paddy are doing their 2nd to SP fave at Southwell today and although I usually ignore this offer, I had a look and there is actually quite a lot of short price faves running throughout the day, providing a greater than usual opportunity to nail down a second place refund.

    Combine this with backing the favourites at Hills as part of their refund offer and there is money to be made at this meeting! Boylesports may also be doing second to SP fave here, so check them out…

    If you don’t already these MBS offers, find tight back-to-lay odds and you can make a lot of money, in fact they have been the day-to-day, bread and butter of my matched betting income.


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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    El chico 1

    Ok Dash …how do I go about this today then? Just a brief example if you don’t mind.

    Mark P 1

    For the WH offer, all you really need to do is wait until near the race for the odds to get close and back/lay something then hope it comes 2nd. If it does you get a free bet equal to your stake which you can then get profit from on any race.

    I usually go for the favourites as I know naff all about horses and I figure they are favourite for a reason. Had decent success and even had a £50 best odds guarantee bonus the other day as backed a horse quite early before I went out and it went out of favour so there is that aspect if it wins too.

    kjillman 1

    Hi Guys,

    I’d be weary of doing too many of these money back specials,quick way of getting restricted.Ok to do on a CH4 race day(ie Saturday or racing festival).

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