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  • Guys, I done the offer Matt posted the other day. Got my £57 free bet. Is this stake returned or stake not returned? Does anyone know? I can’t find it anywhere on their site.

  • Mark P 1

    As it’s basically just cash you can put it as a qualifying bet and try to get as lower a loss as possible on each bet that it takes to roll it over.

    Incidentally, I found I also had a rollover requirement for the 0.01p that they credited for some bizarre reason so I had to do more than was necessary.

    Don’t forget that if you have another bonus applied, from the advent calendar for example, if you pay the bonus off with a bet and the amount is more then it doesn’t move onto the next one. E.g. if I have a bonus with £20 and a second with £50 and place a £30 bet, the £20 will get paid off but the £10 won’t come off the £50. That will start with the next bet.

    Mark P 1

    Edit: That’s assuming you did it the blogged way where the profit was made with the original bet.

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