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  • Has anyone found a way to profit from the refunds from nil nil draws? I suspect only a very few games would give a guaranteed profit from these, for instance where there are low odds on no score. I’ve tried a variety of increasingly complicated methods, even combining this with other offers, but so far my view is that on its own the nil nil refunds are unlikely to give a guaranteed profit. I hope someone can prove me wrong.

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    Mark 1

    I haven’t done many of these but bet365 have bore draw refunds on 0-0 for ht/ft bets. Ten minutes before kick off I use oddschecker to find close matches on 365 and smarkets and if I can find matches for a less than £2-3 loss ill go ahead and do it.

    Apparently 10% or so of matches end with no goals so it’s a 1 in 10 shot and if you’re betting the max you only need one every 25 or so bets to be in profit!

    Nellie1 0

    I haven’t tried these either but I think you should be able to get a guaranteed profit if the score remains 0-0 until half time. I’ll tell you how I plan on doing this; place a matched bet before kickoff to make you qualify for the “bore draw” offer. If the score remains 0-0 until half time (which actually is the case in quite many matches) you place a laying bet on Smarkets on the result 0-0. The odds will have dropped for this result and if the placed bet isn’t big enough that it makes you loose more than your initial bet on bet365, you should be able to make a guaranteed profit. Correct me if I’m wrong! For example: I place a matched bet of 25 pounds before the game starts. The score is 0-0 in half time and the odds for 0-0 on Smarkets is 4. I then place a laying bet of 5 pounds on this result. If the score ends 0-0 I will profit around 10 pounds since I get my Bet365 bet back (25 pounds) and loose 15 pounds on Smarkets. If the score ends with another result I will profit 5 pounds.

    I haven’t yet tried this but it should work if the odds for 0-0 in half time aren’t too high!

    RyanB 11

    I did this on William Hill on the Tottenham v Chelsea game…I only do it if I can get good back and lay odds which I find is quite easy with William Hill as they have good odds!
    Basically they do a free bet up to £50 and sometimes their odds are better than the lay odds, i got 1-1 @7.5 and the lay on betfair was 7.2 which mean’t I was only losing 17p to qualify which is amazing! I let it run and got the £50 free bet…..long story short I only do the 0 – 0 bore draw if I can find amazing back and lay odds like the example above, otherwise I don’t think theres much money in it for all the effort you put in !

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