will hill 10 inplay

  • hello I managed to get the 10 inplay but after the half time the odds were too high

    did anyway managed to bet with the free bet. Is my first time on football betting can anyone pls explain what I should have done

  • Mark 1

    You can bet on any of the markets on willhill and I’m surprised you couldn’t find a decent match, I was at work and only had a minute in the toilet to get my bet on so I bet on the draw at half time which was 10 or 11 and laid at 12.5 on smarkets for a Guarenteed £7ish.

    To get the best returns from your free bets you’re looking for odds of 5+ on willhill.

    aweta 0

    so after half time I can bet on either the draw or the opposite team and I can still make money? thanks for your reply

    aweta 0

    it is my first time on the this type of bet

    Mark 1


    You can use your free bet at anytime once the match has kicked off, but it’s easier to get a match on the betting exchanges at half time as they stabilise somewhat.

    You can also bet on anything you want I.e either team to win, draw, over 3.5 goals, player to score anything that willhill have a market for. You just need to find the same market on the betting exchange.

    Matt explains this process excellently in his blog, go through it and find the William Hill offer from tonight or Paddy Power Bet 20 get 10 from November and you’ll not go far wrong!

    Tony 10

    Yeah, you can bet on any in play market, including the one that you placed your qualifying bet on. That’s normally fine for the win-draw-win market but I would try to avoid placing your in play bet on the polar opposite of your qualifying bet, e.g betting FOR under 2.5 goals pre and AGAINST 2.5 goals in play.

    Correct score is usually a good market to get a close match, or often the handicap market too. Personally I also went with the Draw at HT, although I was a bit risky and laid it for 12.0 at HT and then waited until about 55 mins to back it at 13.0 for a guaranteed £7 odd or £10 if it was not a draw (which was unlikely given the HT score). Be advised that MB “rules” dictate you should always LAY your bet first mind 😉

    aweta 0

    thank you all

    Tony S 6

    Exactly what Tony said… Always place your lay bet in play first… It’s so much easier to get out of that position should something happen in play… I made the fatal error or placing my free bet on the draw last night seconds before Everton scored… Ended up only £3.70 up… It’s all a learning curve

    LennieB 0

    Really, is laying bets before you back really the best idea?

    I am new to this but everything I have read has been to the contrary. If you lay at high odds (as you will be likely doing to make money off the free bet) then you are usually exposing yourself to large amounts of liability if you are unable to back the same thing (which could happen in-play, if something happens).

    On the other hand, if you back first and the situation changes then the worst that can happen is you lose the free bet, which was almost pure profit anyway.

    Maybe take a look at this, from someone much more experienced than myself. – https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=445232

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