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  • New to this…. I’ve been unlucky in a sense I keep winning at the bookies! How can I now get the money from the bookies to my exchange account more matched bets? Or is it safe to withdraw?

  • New to matched betting?

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    Pickle 57

    Unless theres bonuses etc tied up in it then i think its safe to withdraw it. Others may disagree but ive had no problems so far. I ended up having to withdraw £400 from a bookie on saturday as i kept winning with them but i dont think its a problem in fact i think its what most gamblers would do in similar circumstances.

    Hawk21 0

    I’ve had the same problem with a few bookies and had to withdraw a few hundred from each. Haven’t had any problems. In fact I think it’s normal. Most punters would withdraw if they have had a few big wins. Just leave a decent amount in there so the bookie thinks you’re there for the long haul

    Mark 1

    I won both bet365 horse racing offers yesterday and won on the football offer, I’ve withdrawn £900 from my account and still have £500 in my account, the way I see it a regular punter wouldn’t leave £1400 in their account they’d withdraw to spend it!
    So I’ve left enough in for a few days worth of racing offers and will put that money back in my smarkets.

    The only problem being I think whoever has to hit send to send the money back to my bank is off on holiday as it’s usually in by now! –

    Never be afraid to withdraw because that’s what a regular punter would do.

    I like to keep a hundred or so in my less used bookies so they know I’m coming back, I also think it helps for getting email offers.

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