Your Lifetime Stats? Please Share!

  • Just wondering how much the rest of you are managing to make in comparison to my relatively limited initial bankroll, here’s mine:

    Days ‘worked’: 44
    Profit made: £1,354.97
    Daily Average: £30.79

    Only one ‘sign-up’ completed out of these stats as well so significant boosts yet to come! Still, I’m over the moon with how successful (and easy) the process has been so far – long may it continue!

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    Learning the fundamentals takes 10-15 minutes and you’ll make £15 in the process.

    JDUBU 2

    Wow fair play that is an amazing amount considering only 1 sign up offer!may I ask how you achieved such a large amount of profit?keep up the good work!

    78naD 2

    That’s impressive, how did you manage that much so quickly with only 1 sign up bonus?

    Curry 0

    and please what is your starting bank

    Starlord 1

    I’d actually had many bookmaker accounts already so couldn’t use the welcome bonus for many. I’m £570 in profit after two weeks. I’d given myself a £2000 float to get myself started. I’m really tempted by some of the bigger welcome bonuses (Winner etc.) but nervous about having potentially thousands in their account.

    DashBet 0

    Hit a lot of MBS on the horses, a lot of weekdays I averaged over £40 on the Paddy and Hills offers 🙂 Quite lucky I suppose and I do gamble slightly on my freebets in-play, letting the game run a bit longer then laying at a lower price.

    DashBet 0

    Started with around £700 just had to be very prepared with moving my cash around and balancing funds. A few days (such as yesterday) I couldn’t do any offers bar B365 because I only had £1.57 available in my account and £550 waiting to clear ?

    betty 0

    I’ve managed around £410 in just over a month with a float of around £500 so it can be done on a student loan but I have had to avoid the big bonus sign up offers. I’ve also never had a go at the 2nd place horse racing offers but do a lot of mug betting.

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