'Odd' stakes when laying bets.

  • Having read the ‘Mug Betting’ guide, I’m puzzled about a certain section, namely the part that tells us to avoid using weird stakes like ‘19.23’ and instead opt for more rounded stakes; I imagine this is smart to use for bookies where you are backing an outcome but for somewhere like Betfair or Smarkets where we lay our bets, do the same rules apply?

    Our matched betting calculators give us a specific Lay price each time we calculate and I have been using those stakes for a few months with no trouble so far, lay stakes like ‘18.49’, ‘23.44’ etc.

    Does the rounded stakes apply just to backing?

  • Tony S 5

    It doesn’t apply to lay bets in the exchange mate… Exchange bets can be as precise and odd as you wish as you’re basically just betting against other punters!… Ain’t nobody getting banned from the exchange ??

    Nicolo Mac 4

    Thanks for the quick responses, lads!

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