Cheltenham Totals

  • Who’s made the most? Or who’s made a big cock up? Anyways we all love to gawp at the free money so comment your total for day 1.

    I’m a £100 up after doing the skybet offer, £30 in FBs from WH, the betfair offer twice, and but I only hit 2 2nd place refunds.

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    betty 0

    Congratulations everyone! I think I pulled in around £250 working around uni – next time I’ll be doing the extra place offers for sure.

    Is the Grand National as big as this?

    roro1990 0

    No, the Grand National is just one race. Although there’ll defo be good offers on for it, it will be nothing like Cheltenham

    Traider 0

    I made about £400 over the four days mainly using Hills, BetBright, Sky and a Paddy Power shop.

    Not bad considering I was working throughout, although with a bit more luck and a bit more thought I probably should have made more. I salute anyone who has made over £1k from free bets alone – I found it tough with some of the big fields to choose from.

    I may be bitter and twisted, but after being gubbed by Paddy Power I was chuffed that a large number of my horses that won came from my bets at Paddy Power, so they’ve lost about £300 to me this week.

    aNtis0ciaL 9

    Cleared just over £400 here and reduced work productivity tenfold(!), very happy with that. Found out I’m gubbed with Betbright though, max bet about £1! Only used Coral, WH, LB and Sky and no shops close by to make that worthwhile.

    Thanks for all the tips people, and nice work all the big winners and small winners alike!

    steveo 1

    My other total, managed to use nearly a gb of data over the festival and that was doing some stuff at home on the wifi! Going to be tight on the data for the next few days till my new package starts.

    Tony 12

    Made enough, not as much as some of you rogues with your multi accounting skills, but enough to make me feel like it was worth the stress!

    Also learnt a lot that I will hopefully be able to use next year, if MB is still a thing by then!!

    Congrats to everyone else on their profits 🙂


    buckolad 0

    bloody hell!!! some great efforts there lads. ive just got back in work after spending 4 days and a small fortune at Cheltenham. I still managed to come back £300 up due to luck and a bit of knowledge.

    might stay at home a couple of days next year if theres the same offers knocking about.

    Dave_Jones 7

    @buckolad I found the first two days easier to make money than the last two, and looking at the posts most people seemed to be the same. I don’t know if this happens every year but if it does it might be an idea to spend the first two days at home on line, and the last two at the actual festival.

    dekoder 1

    I’ve taken the days off and pretty much worked the whole day every day.
    Started by checking the Grids in the evening and preparing for the morning boosts. Got up before 8am to check if exchange moved on what i’ve prepared. 8:30 online rush, 9am trip to freds & lads shops, back home to put more online bets, then out for first 10am Paddy shop boost followed by Freds and stayed around the shops till after 12pm final Fred push. Back home before the races start, laying race by race and putting more online bets. In the evening back to checking grids and more online bets.

    Total just over 1.3k, more than half coming from shop boosts. Obviously very happy but I know there’s room for improvement and would do few things differently (my 1st cheltenham). With a bigger float (10k at least) £500 a day is within reach!

    The extra place promos is profitable (didn’t hit any though laid a few on 5 place betfair market to lock profit) and encourage people to look into it.
    I’ve made a little ss for calculating place odds and checking if profitable (before the last day unfortunately) I’d like to share. (some examples from day 4)

    “bet” cell for E/W bets means you’re actually betting double that, example:
    £50 E/W bet is £100 total bet (£50 to win and £50 to place)

    Please don’t request write access, you can download it to your computer (file/download as)

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